Principal Investigator

Kathryn D. Kavanagh

Research interests

Developmental bias in evolution; self-organization and plasticity in embryos; evolvability and capacity for rapid adaptation; tetrapod evolution; skeletal evolution; tropical marine ecology and evolution

Research projects

Developmental stability in digit initiation and the origin of pentadactyly
Evolution in early organogenesis
Local regulation of plasticity
Origins of larval brooding damselfishes

Graduate students

John Lyons, PhD student

Morphological and developmental evolution in the larval brooding damselfishes, Acanthochromis and Altrichthys.

Avery Hamlin, Master’s student

Analysis of population-level variation in axial traits in several tetrapod groups from an evo-devo perspective

Amanda Redman, Master’s student

Detecting inter-species hybrids in Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle populations by morphology and genetic analysis